Spread the word! Ask Governor to veto Senate Bill 329

Posted Dec. 16, 2016 by

Keep the Pressure on. Defeat Dangerous agency sunset bill

Hundreds of public employees and supporters have already written and called Gov. John Kasich urging him to veto Senate Bill 329, the Sunset Review bill.

Now you can spread the word and urge others to ask that the Governor veto the concerning legislation. Senate Bill 329 puts an expiration date on MOST state agencies EVERY four years.

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Call 614-466-3555 or 614-644-4357. Tell Gov. Kasich to VETO Senate Bill 329.

Text "VETO" to 237263 to get union updates! 

Senate Bill 329
, the agency sunset review bill that had been rumored to have died due to lack of interest, reared its ugly head in the final days of lame duck session. The bill was passed out of legislative committee on Thursday morning and quickly moved to the House floor, where it was passed along party lines 59-32.

SB 329, the extreme Sunset Commission bill, could eliminate entire state agencies. Sunset review by a legislative committee every four years would force some 25 state agencies to spend extra money and resources to defend against complete elimination based on a number of factors, including the potential for privatization, and a regulations evaluation against other states. Get talking points HERE.

Simple inaction by a committee of legislators could eliminate a state agency. Could that agency be yours??? If the legislative committee does nothing at all, entire agencies, their services and employees could be shuddered. This would have serious impact on thousands of Ohioans who rely on Ohio's state agencies and the services that public workers provide. 

OCSEA is encouraging Governor Kasich to do the right thing and veto SB 329. Not only would it thwart his executive powers, it would hurt Ohioans in need, create more government gridlock, hold state services hostage and duplicate checks-and-balances already in place. 

IN late November, OCSEA packed hearing rooms as it gave searing testimony to legislators about the dangers of the bill. OCSEA said such sunset processes have been found to be cumbersome and not useful by many states that have tried putting sunset commissions in place.