Stand up for your right to sick leave

Posted Sep. 13, 2017 by

House Bill 298, introduced in the Ohio General Assembly by anti-union legislators this week, is the latest extreme attack on your benefits and your freedom to bargain those benefits through a union contract.

The dangerous bill "Change public employee sick day allowance," introduced by anti-union Republican Derek Merrin, would reduce the allowable sick leave days for public employees to no more than 10 days per year. This would have severe impact on our OCSEA local government union members who often bargain additional sick leave days as a perk when wage increases or other benefits are not available to them.

While sponsor Merrick says that "an excessive number of sick days" is "driving up local governments' costs," we know this is no more than a smokescreen to cut benefits to public employees. Merrick calls 10 days a "standard." We call it an attack on collective bargaining! Putting a cap on sick leave is no more than putting a cap on collective bargaining!

Stand up for your sick leave. Tell legislators to leave your union contract alone. Take action!