Standing strong with Dayton community

Posted Aug. 7, 2019 by

OCSEA and all the AFSCME Ohio affiliates stand strong with the Dayton community in the midst of the recent mass shooting that occurred in the early hours of August 4, 2019. When one community reels, all Ohio communities feel the pain, including our union community!

In response to this tragedy, AFSCME is encouraging members to give back to The Dayton Foundation’s Dayton Oregon District Tragedy Fund. The fund allows individuals to make charitable contributions to help the families directly affected by this terrible tragedy. The Foundation will waive the credit card processing fee so that 100 percent of the money will be used to assist others.

In the words of Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, “Dayton is fearless." And we couldn't agree more! "I have seen so much fearlessness from our community in the last 48 hours and in the last several months. We have confronted some of the toughest challenges any city could imagine and we stood tall in the face of all of them,” she said.

Please give if you can! Make a secure, online credit card donation HERE, or mail a check to The Dayton Foundation, 40 N. Main Street, Suite 500, Dayton, OH 45423. “Dayton Oregon District Tragedy Fund” or “Fund #8365” should be designated on the check or in the fund name field.