Take action on dangerous dental bill

Posted Feb. 19, 2020 by

Tell Senate Committee: Vote "NO" on SB 148

Dangerous dental bill lets dentists control costs, hurts Ohio families

OCSEA and your dental benefits administrator, Union Benefits Trust (UBT), adamantly oppose proposed Ohio Senate legislation that prevents dental insurance providers, like Delta Dental, from negotiating lower fees for non-covered services on your behalf. Proposed Ohio Senate Bill 148, if passed, would eliminate caps on non-covered services for any Ohioan with health insurance, including OCSEA members, and give dentists the freedom to charge whatever they want. Take action!

On Feb. 5, five members of the Ohio Senate Insurance & Financial Institutions Committee did the right thing today and voted NO against moving the dental bill (Senate Bill 148) forward that removes caps on non-covered dental services. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to stop the bill from getting voted out of committee by a 5-7 vote. Please join us in thanking the five senators, including Sen. Dolan and Sen. Kunze, who split with their party in favor of helping insured Ohioans. Write a letter of thanks to them for standing up for Ohioans!

But our work is not done. Now the bill is expected to move to the full Ohio Senate for a floor vote. Please contact your own Ohio Senator and ask them to Vote NO on Senate Bill 148.

Uncapping fixed dental fees for non-covered services would send dental prices soaring for OCSEA members covered under UBT. With no fixed cap for non-covered dental services, dentists have unregulated control over the costs of non-covered services like laughing gas for children, implants, and fluoride treatments for adults over 55. This could also negatively impact frequency of covered service, including, but not limited to, extra cleanings and fluoride treatments for those with compromised immune systems (i.e., cancer patients, those undergoing radiation, diabetics and pregnant women). Lack of affordable oral care is also linked to heart and birth complications.

Take action! Tell your state senator to vote NO on this dangerous dental bill!