Tax shortfall opens door for even greater budget cuts

Posted Jun. 7, 2017 by

The Ohio Office of Budget and Management has announced that state tax collections continued to fall short of expectations in May. It is not certain what this could mean for state services and agency budgets as legislators wrestle with an already-projected $800 million state budget gap as they near the June 30 budget deadline. Critics blame the short fall on a series of Gov. John Kasich-led income tax cuts that benefited businesses over middle class Ohioans.

OCSEA continues to monitor the budget process and says that state lawmakers should not balance the budget on the backs of state employees nor harm services that help Ohioans in need, including children, the elderly and veterans.

Proposed state prison budget cuts could be tragic for overworked prison staff and the communities they protect and would worsen a growing inmate drug epidemic plaguing state prisons. Take action against dangerous prison budget cuts.