Tell the State of Ohio: Fair contract and WAGE package now!!

Posted Feb. 26, 2024 by

Tell the Governor and state management team: We need a fair contract and WAGE package now!!

As many OCSEA members know, management dragged their feet on our state negotiations—big time, and now we're headed to Fact Fiinding. Management sat on the union's counter proposals for days on end, and economic proposals were only discussed in the last two days, hardly a serious discussion.

It's clear from management's "supposals" that they don't care about state employees.  

“We’re demanding wages that keep pace with inflation and also make up for eight years of zero wage increases,” said OCSEA’s Chief Negotiator and President Chris Mabe. “Our members have sacrificed their blood, sweat and tears to keep the state going with no recognition. But the administration doesn’t care how hard you work. Instead, they’re using tax dollars to bail out big energy. We say, bail out state employees for a change,” said Mabe.

It's time to take action for real results! RIGHT NOW, we need you to write to Governor DeWine and his staff as well as the management bargaining team and tell them we need a fair contract NOW with a fair wage package!

We’ve waited too long and there’s too much at stake. OCSEA state bargaining employees have made sacrifices for years. We took zero pay increases during the lean times and took Cost Savings Days during the Great Recession. We were on the frontlines during the pandemic under very difficult circumstances and continue to deal with understaffing to this day. Quite frankly, many of us are exhausted.

We need a fair contract and WAGE package now!! Here’s what we need:

  • A competitive wage and economic package 
  • Health care that’s affordable and has union input 
  • Leaves that allow our members time with their families and that account for a pandemic 
  • Work area agreements and pick-a-post that give employees control over their work lives 
  • Proposals that retain and recruit employees, not ones that create temporary employees or employees without union rights

The State has had budget surpluses, and tax revenues have been coming in consistently above estimates. There’s plenty of money to pay state employees in Ohio what they deserve. We need fair wages, an end to attacks on our union contract and a good faith effort at the bargaining table. We need to be treated with respect, fairness and appreciation NOW!