Those behind Janus aim to destroy public services

Posted Mar. 26, 2018 by

While we will not know the outcome or the true impact of Janus v. AFSCME Right to Work U.S. Supreme Court case until summer (and beyond), one thing we do know is that this national attack is part of a greater scheme. Big businesses behind this case want to destroy public services and take away the hard-earned benefits that come with being a public worker.

Did you know, in addition to "Right to Work," the big-business groups behind this attack are ALSO pushing these bad policies at every level of government: State hiring freezes; state pensions “reform”; state health care “restructuring”; vacancy elimination and erosion of bargaining unit work; pay increase and raise delays; Sunset Review processes to eliminate state agencies, boards and commissions; privatization, including “competitive contracting” and "Efficiency Councils" and so much more. Read more.