Toledo activist supports UAW community on picket line

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OCSEA and AFSCME activists hit strike line in solidarity for Toledo UAW brothers and sisters

OCSEA activists as well as other Ohio AFSCME members hit the picket line with striking members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) Monday as they fight for a fair union contract. Donning the union's signature AFSCME green, nearly 50 OCSEA and AFSCME union members joined AFSCME International Pres. Lee Saunders and other private sector union members with signs, chants and solidarity outside of the Toledo Jeep plant.

This included the support of OCSEA sister Carrie Coffee, the president of Northwest Ohio Developmental Center Chapter 4817 who came out to march with her community members.

"One of the main reasons for me joining OCSEA in the first place was for unity. Unity––with strength and solidarity––can have the most powerful impact on the mission of standing up and speaking out on what's right," said Carrie, who advocates for Therapeutic Program Workers (TPWs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), maintenance employees and more at the Toledo Developmental Center that cares for Ohio's most developmentally disabled citizens. Carrie, herself, is a TPW.

Carrie says when we come together to support other unions, it not only comes back twofold and helps us build momentum as we head to the bargaining table, but it also heightens awareness of the importance of the union fight for workers. "By standing with UAW, we show an understanding that we are all in battle for support of working families, and together we win," said Carrie.

Carrie's favorite parts of the picket? Marching side-by-side with the proud Jeep workers, meeting AFSCME President Lee Saunders, and all the fun chants of solidarity. Some of her favorites included "What do we want? CONTRACTS! When do we want it? NOW!" and the crowd favorite, "No Justice! No JEEPS!

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