Union benefit helps keep kids college-debt free

Posted Oct. 9, 2019 by

Sure, a lot of us have big plans to save for our child’s college when they’re born, but then BOOM life happens, and the next thing you know, you’re kiddo is ready for college. Your union is here to help lighten the load.

We talk a lot about OCSEA’s free college for members. But, did you know, OCSEA’s free and reduced college programs are available to your family members, too? Whether they are just starting out or starting over, there is union college assistance that will help make college debt a thing of the past for your children.

The OCSEA Free and Reduced College programs include free associate degrees through Eastern Gateway Community and reduced bachelor’s degrees through Central State University (this is a potentially free program for families who are eligible for PELL grants).

All OCSEA free and reduced college programs are administered online, so families also don’t have to bear the burden of room and board. EGCC offers many associate degree programs including an array of Business Management opportunities (from data science to marketing), Fire Science, Early Childhood Education and so much more. CSU bachelor’s degrees include Business Administration and Teacher Education (with more coming soon).

Visit to help your child or grandchild start (or restart) their education journey. The first thing you need to do is confirm union membership. Once confirmed, fill out the FAFSA application for any possible federal aid. After that, it’s time to apply to EGCC or CSU. It’s that easy