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The OCSEA Contract with the State of Ohio had an expiration date of today Feb. 29, 2024. But please don't fret! The State union contract has not expired and is still in effect. The union and management have reached a written agreement that extends the contract for the time needed to settle our contract disagreements and/or go to Fact Finding. During this time, members will continue to earn a paycheck, receive health care and education benefits and receive ALL the terms and conditions afforded to them in the union contract. The employer must continue to follow all terms of the expired contract until a new contract agreement is agreed to and ratified by the membership. 

Except for wages and any other items set forth in the Tentative Agreement, the terms and conditions of the new contract will take effect as soon as ratification of the contract takes place. Any new wage agreement begins with the pay period that includes July 1, which is the beginning of the State’s fiscal year.


As we wrote to members last week, a back and forth between the union and management has resulted in a standoff as management kept wanting significant gains in language without giving anything in return. Read more.

Elected members of the OCSEA Bargaining Team continue to put their heals in the ground to fight for a fair union contract and wage package that OCSEA members deserve.


Register NOW for upcoming women and minority conference in May

The OCSEA Women's Action Committee (WAC) and the Minority and Community Affairs Committee (CMCA) have teamed up this year to hold a combined WAC/CMCA Conference. The WAC/CMCA Conference event, open to ALL members, will be held May 3-5, 2024 at the Kalahari Resort and Conference Center in Sandusky.

Visit to download the Conference Call letter and registration form. The deadline to register is April 19, 2024. Talk to your chapters leaders about attending as a representative of the chapter.

This event gives members the opportunity to network with other union members, to grow diversity skills and more as a union leader, and to learn about how to get more involved as a union advocate in your local chapters.


Request your union Discount College match today

Education is a lifelong journey, and your union aims to make that journey both accessible and rewarding. OCSEA is committed to providing opportunities that empower union members and their families to reach their full potential.

OCSEA's Discount College benefit program offers up to 50 percent discounted college tuition rates for all dues-paying OCSEA members and their extended family members. Learn more about the program at this easy to remember Share with co-workers and family members today! There you will get access to more information about how to explore the available programs and learn more about all the discounts offered.

OCSEA members and their family members can also visit the direct Discount College website at, which includes the Request Your Match form to several discount college options and a helpful FAQ.

Participating colleges include Peirce College, Rowan University, Houston Christian University, Claremont- Lincoln University, and Franklin University.


Black history: A commitment to the labor movement to raise voices

As we wrap up Black History Month, we're reminded of the modern day union heroes, right here in our own union, that give black workers and other minority groups a voice on the job.

This includes our own OCSEA Vice President Gerard "Rocky" Jolly, an employee at the Ohio State School for the Blind.

"Being union raises up the voices of those who don’t always feel like they can be vocal. It gives us all strength to demand that employers do right by their workers," said Rocky. "That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to the cause.”

We're also giving a huge shout out to State Office Tower Chapter 2545 President Cheryl Bass who has dedicated hours and hours this bargaining session to making sure her chapter members know about the power of being union and having a voice at the bargaining table.

Cheryl Bass is a prime example of what it means to be present for her chapter members. She’s always available to answer questions and help members in need. She pushes members to not only know their union rights but to be actively involved in making change in the workplace.

Watch this video about how unions help African Americans thrive.

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OCSEA Vice President, Rocky Jolly, Ohio State School for the Blind

Cheryl Bass, State Office Tower Chapter 2545 President and Ohio Department of Development Customer Service Assistant 3.


Continue to Take Action against overreaching dental bill!

House Bill 160 would increase dental costs for OCSEA members and all Ohioans with dental insurance! If passed, HB 160––the overreaching dental bill––would prevent dental insurance providers, like Delta Dental, from negotiating lower fees for non-covered services for their members, including OCSEA union members. Basically, it takes away the bargaining power that comes with having a benefits provider and gives dentists the ability to charge ANY AMOUNT of money they want for non-covered services

CONTINUE TO TAKE ACTION: Contact members of the House Insurance Committee. Tell them to STOP unnecessary dental bills that would raise our out-of-pocket costs once and for all. Write a letter to the members of the committee and tell them to VOTE NO!


Member-only discount: MAC tournament
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Apply for the OCSEA Les Best Scholarship by April 30