Update: federal government shutdown

Posted Jan. 7, 2019 by

In a recent communication to the union, the Ohio Department of Administrative Services has indicated that there are currently no negative effects for state employees due to the federal government shutdown and that they are trying to identify alternative funding should it drag on. DAS further indicated it is still too early to know exactly how agency funding could be impacted.

While, the federal shutdown is a partial one and affects only about 25 percent of federal employees, some OCSEA members in state service are paid, at least in part, via federal dollars. Because of this, employees in agencies such as ODJFS, Mental Health, DODD, ODNR, the Dept. of Agriculture, as well as others, could be negatively impacted if a government shutdown is drawn out a while. The federal budget for Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities has already been approved and no employees in that agency will be impacted, according to that agency.

DAS has said it will let the union know as soon as they believe any agency funding would be affected. Just as a reminder, OCSEA negotiated furlough language under Appendix T of the state contract that will allow furloughed employees to keep their health insurance during a shutdown.

OCSEA will continue to communicate with DAS and the Office of Collective Bargaining to stay on top of this issue and to keep members apprised.