March is Women's History Month: Celebrating union women

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How has being union impacted your life as a woman? Tell your story so we can inspire others this Women's History Month and beyond! Tell Your Story!

March is Women's History Month, we're reminded of the real difference that unionization makes for working women and working families.

Celebrating women in natural resources: Geologist spotlight

In honor of Women's History Month, we're spotlighting union activist and Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources Geologist Brittany Parrick. In the recent edition of the OCSEA Public Employee Quarterly, Brittany talked about the love she has for her public work and her dedication to her union.

"Geology is the foundation upon which we build EVERYTHING,” Brittany jokes. She says she only teases about the importance of her profession, but this union Geologist isn’t far off the mark. Geology encompasses entire civilizations in its scope, including urban development, local economic growth, energy policy and even public health. Brittany is a proud public union member and secretary of her OCSEA Chapter 2515. Read her story at

OCSEA Women 2023-Brittany-Parrick

Leader says women bring value to her profession

Angela Traylor, President of OCSEA Chapter 1320, knows how important it is for women to have a union in her line of work. Angela, a direct care provider at the Southwest Developmental Center, says women sticking together in their union has made all the difference for caregivers in the Ohio Dept. of Developmental Disabilities. The vast majority of caregivers in her profession are female, nearly 75 percent. Most are working without a union. 

“We know the value women bring to this profession, and being in a union ensures we are taken seriously. We watch out for each other and have become so much more than just co-workers,” says Angela.

OCSEA  Women 2023 - Angela Trayor

Female chapter leader credits union mentors

Aquilla Moore, Chapter 7810 President (Trumbull State), says strong women union leaders have been a big part of her life as new union officer: “I was mentored by great union women who came before me. I rely on them so much and am thankful to follow behind them. I’m hoping that one day young women will look at me the same way.”

OCSEA Women 2023 - Aquilla Moore

Women in Construction Week - March 6-10

This WomenInConstructionWeek, we spotlight OCSEA union member Penny Kessler from ODOT District 1. Penny, who recently promoted to a Highway Technician 4 classification, spends her summers repairing and rebuilding Ohio's highways. Penny was the first female (as well as the first employee) from her Hardin County garage to take on construction (not only maintenance) duties back in 2007. "I don't know where I would be without the HT series and those who came before me," said Penny. "I always try to do my best, and I try to learn something new every summer." 

How has being union impacted your life as a woman? Tell your story so we can inspire others this Women's History Month and beyond! Tell Your Story!


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The real value of union membership for women and families

This Women's History Month, we are reminded of the real value that being in a union has in our lives, and in the lives of women and families. Union women make $214 more per week than their nonunion counterparts (that's over $10,000 more a year!). For some women, this could mean the difference between owning their own home and building equity or continuing to throw their paychecks away on rent. Unions even the playing for women workers (especially in public service) and give them the power to have an impact on the job and in their lives.

Women’s participation in unions is beneficial for several reasons. Not only does it mean higher wages, but it also equates to higher rates of health insurance coverage than non-unionized women. Unionized women’s leadership is also critical to promoting issues of importance to women and families—including access to affordable child care, wage fairness, raising the minimum wage, and expanding access to paid sick days.

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