Conference attendees affirm there is “Life After Janus”

Posted Jun. 4, 2018 by

This past weekend’s OCSEA Steward Conference left 400 activists emboldened to stick with the union and work to make the union even stronger after a Janus U.S. Supreme Court decision is expected later this month.

Conference goers were provided a deep look by AFSCME General Counsel Judith Rivlin into the legal tactics of attorneys for both sides of the Janus case. She indicated that the union side presented their case to win. And the union was ready, since a similar case had been brought by teacher Rebekah Friedrich from California over a year ago. That case ended in a tie after Judge Scalia, expected to be the tie breaker for those opposing the unions, passed away unexpectedly.

But despite AFSCME’s stellar legal strategy, many court-watchers believe the case is an uphill battle for public sector unions since it’s been backed by big-money corporate interests from the word “GO.” Still, Rivlin gave activists reason for optimism and said no matter the outcome, “this union is here today, we’ll be here tomorrow and we’ll be here in the years to come.”

Supreme Court watchers believe there are three Monday’s left when the Janus decision could be handed down, June 11, June 18 and June 25, although the court could add decision days to their calendar. Decisions are released at 10 a.m.

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