COVID-19 OCSEA Member Outreach underway

Posted Mar. 27, 2020 by

Have questions or concerns during this crisis? Contact the union anytime at 800-969-4702

OCSEA President Chris Mabe wants OCSEA members to know that we are thinking about you every day and want to make sure you are safe and secure. And if you have any questions at, the union is only a phone call away. Union staff have been working diligently to reach out to every OCSEA member to ensure their safety and to address any questions or concerns about their work or union contract that they may have during the current pandemic crisis.

OCSEA's Member Outreach Calls are typically being done during OCSEA business hours, however, staff are working around-the-clock to address members' concerns throughout the state. "We want members to know about the importance of these outreach calls and to encourage them to pick up when the union calls or to return the union's call, particularly if there are major concerns or safety issues," said Pres. Mabe. The call back number is 800-969-4702.

You can also ask questions at or visit Sign up HERE for union updates, which have typically been biweekly during the crisis.