Free college is an investment in working families

Posted Jun. 1, 2020 by

OCSEA began its FREE COLLEGE program with Eastern Gateway Community College and most recently with Central State University because, as a union, we believe in the investing in workers and their families––and an affordable education is key to that mission.

If you've never checked out the OCSEA Free College program, now would be the perfect time. Not only does the benefit offer free associate degree programs with EGCC for members and families, NOW members' families can also take advantage of the TOTALLY FREE CSU bachelor's program through June 22. This is a limited time offer for family members (and always available for members), so hurry now before it's gone. Join the 20,000 union members and their family members across the nation who have signed up for summer 2020 free college sessions. Visit for the session deadlines and more information about these amazing union benefits.