June 2018: Janus Decision Day is coming

Posted May 29, 2018 by

Wonder why Americans continue to fall behind? One reason is because the economy is rigged against them. Employees are working harder and harder but the system isn’t working for us. Instead, CEOs and corporate special interests are spending millions attacking workers. And one of those attacks is the Janus Supreme Court case.

Instead of making it easier for workers to get ahead--collectively bargain for better wages and working conditions--the Janus political attack has been brought forward by billionaires who want to make it harder for workers to get ahead and win for their families.

We all know a bad decision in Janus could make the entire country Right to Work for public employees. But it could also do collateral damage in other ways, according to the group, American Constitution Society for Law and Policy. “…if Janus prevails, the case will cast doubt on many other situations where the government requires payments from individuals that are used for purposes to which they object.” Janus could indeed be opening Pandora’s box, putting in jeopardy other situations whereby payments or dues are required like taxes, student fees, utility bills, and insurance premiums, pension funds and even homeowner’s association fees, according to the group.

It could also, eventually, bring the kind of labor unrest we’ve recently witnessed in Right to Work states like West Virginia and Oklahoma, where thousands of teachers—tired of not having a seat at the table--marched for better wages, rights and benefits.

In contrast, OCSEA members have recently been reminded of how unions actually level the playing field. An OCSEA Bargaining Team just finished negotiating a three-year contract for state employees that contains an 8.5 percent increase in wages, a first-ever vacation cash out and an increase in the hourly wage for second- and third-shift workers!

For the month of June, this union, and millions of unionized public employees around the country, will be keeping a close watch out for Decision Day, the day the U.S. Supreme Court hears the Janus case, which is expected at the end of the month.

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