"Freedom" Foundation is an out-of-state, extreme anti-worker group in Ohio under the name Opt Out Today. And they are harassing OCSEA members! 

Their real agenda? To DECREASE public employees’ wages and benefits by eliminating the unions that protect them. Their real agenda is to DISMANTLE public services, CUT public payrolls, and DEPLETE public pensions. They don’t care about you, your family, the size of your paycheck or how union benefits make your life better.

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Their REAL agenda

Behind their "Opt Out Today” smoke screen, the "Freedom" Foundation is deceiving public employees about their true intentions. Propaganda boasts about "liberating" workers from unions. But their real agenda is to paralyze governments, eliminate public jobs, and decrease worker pay and benefits. 

Find the real story in "Freedom" Foundation's, “State Budget Reform Toolkit.”  Download the Freedom Foundation "Wish List."

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Adopt a state hiring freeze encompassing all departments, ensuring the overall size of government doesn't grow. (Freedom Foundation State Budget Reform Toolkit page 23)
An exception to the hiring freeze would be to lay off existing employees to be replaced by new hires that are less costly. (Freedom Foundation State Budget Reform Toolkit page 23)
States should consider replacing pensions with defined-contribution (401(k) style) plans for new employees. (Freedom Foundation State Budget Reform Toolkit page 24)
Recommendations to reform state pensions include raising the retirement age for new employees. (Freedom Foundation State Budget Reform Toolkit page 24)
Freeze defined-benefit OPEB plans, and replace them with defined-contribution plans for new employees, such as an HSA. (Freedom Foundation State Budget Reform Toolkit page 25)
Recommendations for state retiree health care reform include lowering health plan benefits. (Freedom Foundation State Budget Reform Toolkit page 25)
Policymakers should delay automatic pay increases for state employees until rising costs of government are brought under control. (Freedom Foundation State Budget Reform Toolkit page 26)
Other recommendations for reform include increasing employee contributions to health care plans. (Freedom Foundation State Budget Reform Toolkit page 25)
Review 20 percent of state programs each year and recommend the elimination or consolidation of certain programs. (Freedom Foundation State Budget Reform Toolkit page 27)
Increase the use of privatization and contracting to lower costs. (Freedom Foundation State Budget Reform Toolkit page 40)

Source: State Budget Reform Toolkit:


Who funds the "Freedom" Foundation?

"Freedom Foundation" and their wealthy donors are here in Ohio to privatize your work, cut your wages and benefits and eliminate your pensions. They have your personal information to harass you at work and at home. They know everything about you, including your home address, workplace, phone number, name, job title, seniority date, hire date, annual rate of pay, bargaining unit number and date of birth.

They are a special interest think tank funded by pro-big corporate groups and billionaires who want to dismantle state government, cut public services and jobs, and hand the provision of public services (like prisons and worker’s compensation) over to private contractors. They’ve set their sights on unions because we’re the biggest obstacle to their agenda. They and their big donors helped get the anti-union bill, Senate Bill 5, introduced in Ohio, which was then overturned by Ohio voters. They support Right to Work legislation and call themselves “anti-union” outright. 





Freedom Foundation is always trying to bust the union. In one anti-union spam email, the group claimed that someone named "Nina" is proud of dropping her union. We're not sure if Nina even really exists but all we can say is: Don't be like "Nina"!!! A union, and the benefits that come with a union voice, is always better when we do it TOGETHER!