Your 2024 union membership ID card

Posted Mar. 7, 2024 by

Card-carrying members: Your union ID card, benefits bundle and union magazine

By now, OCSEA card-carrying members should have begun receiving your 2024 OCSEA membership ID card along with your union magazine. The bundle, sent by mail, includes your union membership ID with important member and chapter information, the winter edition of the OCSEA Public Employee Quarterly magazine, details on member-only benefits and discounts as well as a break down of how your union dues money is spent.

Your personalized union member ID card is issued annually and acknowledges that you are an active, dues-paying OCSEA member and entitled to ALL the benefits that being a union member has to offer. Having that union membership ID card means that you are an OCSEA member in good standing and are able to vote on your union contract, run for and elect your contract bargaining team, seek union office, become a steward and so much more.

Haven't received your card in the mail yet? Please give the USPS time to deliver it before making inquiries about your card.