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Card-carrying members: Your union ID card, benefits bundle and union magazine

By now, OCSEA card-carrying members should have begun receiving your 2024 OCSEA membership ID card along with your union magazine. The bundle, sent by mail, includes your union membership ID with important member and chapter information, the winter edition of the OCSEA Public Employee Quarterly magazine, details on member-only benefits and discounts as well as a break down of how your union dues money is spent.

Your personalized union member ID card is issued annually and acknowledges that you are an active, dues-paying OCSEA member and entitled to ALL the benefits that being a union member has to offer. Having that union membership ID card means that you are an OCSEA member in good standing and are able to vote on your union contract, run for and elect your contract bargaining team, seek union office, become a steward and so much more.

Haven't received your card in the mail yet? Please give the USPS time to deliver it before making inquiries about your card.

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Richland County Engineers bargain another successful local contract

When Richland County Highway Chapter 7020 President Hank Fultz and his union team headed to the bargaining table at the start of the new year, he wasn't sure what to expect. It was his first time bargaining a contract on behalf of his members in the county transportation department, but he knew that fighting for members' top priorities was central to the chapter's strategy.

Before heading to the table, Fultz and his chapter executive board engaged in an “Organizing 101” campaign to prepare for bargaining. “Our guys have opinions on everything,” said Hank who knew the team would be able to tap into the membership to gather the priorities and stay focused on them at the bargaining table. “We have two outposts and one main garage, and the executive board took their own time after work to talk one-on-one with every member about their priorities,” he said. When it came down to it, wages and “comp” time won out.

“Going in, I was nervous and thought we had a fight on our hands. We stood strong and remembered those top issues every step of the way,” said Hank.

Ultimately, the union came out victorious with a wage package that equated to roughly 13% over three years and a one-time contractual stipend at the start of the contract. The union and management also mutually agreed to an additional 1% increase for heavy equipment operators that would encourage employees to promote from within. Both the union and management agreed that an additional increase for that classification would be good for recruitment and retention.

The union also fought until the very last day and was victorious in maintaining current comp time, which management tried to come after. "Management came in with proposals to cut comp time in half and to reduce annual carryovers. But we stuck to our guns and talked them off the issue," said Hank. The union also maintained current language for health care and added protections regarding sick leave and disability usage. The bargaining team also got updates on the use of the overtime roster for sign placement, which benefits all members.

"Being as this was my first contract, I think it's absolutely great," said Hank. "I've worked some really hard jobs most of my life. This is a great job, and I'm glad to have been involved in making people's lives just a little easier and to make this a place where people want to come to work," he said.

"I'm thankful for my Executive Board members and my co-negotiator Matt Cook who helped make this all happen. I couldn't have done it without them," he said.


Kick off Women's History Month: Register for upcoming women and minority conference

As we kick off Women's History Month, the chairs of the OCSEA Women and Minority Affairs committees invite every member to attend the upcoming OCSEA Women's Action Committee (WAC) and the Minority and Community Affairs Committee (CMCA) Conference. The two committees have teamed up to hold a combined WAC/CMCA Conference so that more members can be involved and come together in solidarity.

"We are excited to join together for this joint conference in May. We'll focus on networking and growing diversity and inclusion skills that are so important to the union work we do," said CMCA Chairperson Sherry Little.

"It's no coincidence that we kicked off registration for this event as we move from Black History Month to Women's History Month," said WAC Chairperson Annie Pleasant-Combs. "As union leaders, remembering our histories and struggles is key to building a strong union movement for the future. We welcome you all to join us," she said.

Sherry Little, CMCA Chairperson & Annie Pleasant-Combs, WAC Chairperson

Register today!

WHAT: WAC/CMCA Conference

WHEN: May 3-5, 2024

WHERE: Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in Sandusky.

Visit to download the Conference Call letter and registration form. The deadline to register is April 19, 2024. Talk to your chapter leaders about attending as a representative of the chapter.


March Union Bulletin Board flyers available for download

The March 2024 Union Bulletin Board Network (UBBN) flyers are here and available for download at The March flyers include information on the Les Best Scholarship approaching deadline, the WAC & CMCA Conference, discount college and more. Check back each month for new flyers to share.

Don't have an onsite bulletin board? The virtual bulletin board network at gives OCSEA members access to union flyers with a click of a button. This includes quick access to OCSEA news, events, discounts and more. Chapters who don't have boards are urged to email the flyers or UBBN link to their members and distribute at meetings. Any chapter that needs assistance with printing fliers should contact the OCSEA mailroom at 614-865-4733.

This month's virtual fliers include:

  • Time's Running Out: Checklist to apply for the OCSEA Les Best Scholarship before April 30
  • Discount College: Request Your Match!
  • Register NOW for the OCSEA Women's Action Committee &
    Minority and Community Affairs Conference!
  • Women's History Month: Women's History is Union History
  • Lucky to Be Union!

Shout out to our chapter bulletin board winners

Chapters have been working hard to support their state bargaining team. That included getting creative with their union bulletin boards this winter to make sure members are kept in the loop about negotiations. Two of those creative chapters were recently awarded the honor of winning our first-ever OCSEA Union Bulletin Board contest. Ohio Veterans Home (OVH) Chapter 800 and Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Chapter 2570 stood out with boards that were both informative and eye-catching.

Kelly Vladiff and her union team at the OVH in Sandusky reminded members that it takes every member to be union strong with their themed board: "Your Commitment Makes the Contract." The board incorporated the union's green and blue colors. Christina Wilcox and her DAS union team decorated their February union bulletin board for Valentine's Day and included resources about bargaining and getting involved. Congrats to all for a job well done. Keep it up! You are making a difference.

Have a bulletin board you want to share? Email photos to

"Our Commitment Makes the Contract": Ohio Veterans Home Chap. 800

Valentines Day: Dept. of Administrative Services Chapter 2570


Time is Running Out: Apply for the Les Best Scholarship!

The OCSEA Les Best Scholarship deadline will be here before we know it. April 30 is just around the corner, and it's important that applicants have all that they need to apply with ease. Reminder, there is up to $12,000 in scholarships for OCSEA members, their spouses and their dependents. Learn more at

Don't miss out on this amazing scholarship opportunity just because you forgot to include an item during the application process. Here's a checklist to keep you on track:


Download the full checklist with more information HERE.


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