33rd OCSEA Biennial Convention wrap up!

Posted Sep. 5, 2019 by

See delegates at work at CON.OCSEA.ORG

OCSEA delegates, members elected by their union brothers and sisters across the state, gathered last week for the 33rd OCSEA Biennial Convention. The gathering took place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center Thursday through Saturday.

OCSEA holds its delegate convention every two years, with statewide officers being elected every four years. Delegates in attendance were tasked with participating in the business of the union, which includes representing OCSEA members from all over Ohio and from every bargaining unit job type to democratically elect statewide officers, to vote on changes and updates to the OCSEA Constitution, and to adopt resolutions that guide the labor movement and improve the lives of working people.

See all the OCSEA Convention news, including election results, events, photos and more at CON.OCSEA.ORG, the official OCSEA Convention website.