New online campaign exposes the truth about Buckeye Institute

Posted Sep. 3, 2019 by

Groups like the Buckeye Institute and the Freedom Foundation like to say they care about unions. They throw around words like “freedom” and “choice,” as if they really give a damn about whether or not workers choose their unions.

But these groups don’t really care about working families, as Buckeye Institute Exposed, an online campaign, was introduced last week at the OCSEA Convention. What they really care about is breaking labor’s back. They lie and say they like unions. But nothing could be further from the truth.

 After the Janus decision the Buckeye Institute alone spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in Ohio to try to get OCSEA members, teachers and other public employee union members to drop their union with social media ads and direct mail, reported Willard. They also tapped the private information of OCSEA members and others from their public pension system accounts in order to invade their personal space and try to get them to back down from union membership.

But guess what? It’s not working.

The good news is we’re tracking these guys. And we’re going to expose them for what they really are. We’re going to expose their donors, like the Koch Brothers, and we’re going to crack their code.

The first thing we must do is to educate our members about these groups and what their true intentions are. And we need to call them out when we see their lies. That's exactly what Buckeye Exposed does!