Nov. 8 is vacation cash out accrual deadline

Posted Sep. 11, 2019 by

Thanks to the power of union bargaining, OCSEA members can now receive a vacation cash-out at the same time as their sick-leave cash out for up to 40 hours.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! In order to be eligible, members must have at least 200 hours of vacation on the books. In order to meet the time frames, the 200 hours will be measured based on the accruals of employees on their Nov. 8 earning statement. That way, the cash-out can appear on the employee’s first paycheck in December, according to the Dept. of Administrative Services.

During contract bargaining with the state last year, the OCSEA bargaining team honed in on members’ biggest priority: more money in members' pockets. Besides historic wage increases that add up to 8.5 percent over three years, the team was also able to negotiate a first-of-its-kind vacation cash-out.