Alberta Street chapter president gears up for bargaining, holidays

Posted Nov. 29, 2023 by

Alberta Street Chapter 2575 President Aubrey Fetherolf has moved up in her job at Pharmacy Services/MH Central Office as well as in her union. And she’s union through and through, having been in union leadership––including as chapter president and vice president––for 12 years.

She recently started a chapter Facebook group to communicate to her members about bargaining the state contract, and with the help of executive board member Darius Johnson, put together a mobilization committee to help with their Solidarity Pledge Card drive. They’re also planning a chapter holiday party and bingo giveaway to get union members more involved.

Aubrey started as a Pharmacy Technician about 16 years ago at Pickaway Correctional Institution and moved over to the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services a couple years later in the same classification. But she steadily moved up in her agency, gaining a pharmacy technician board license and then moving on to a customer service position. Four years ago, she moved to the Sourcing Department to become a Sourcing Analyst.

She loves her job and the people she works with, including her management husband, she says, laughing. Ryan Fetherolf, a former union president for the chapter, now supervises the sprawling warehouse.  

Aubrey and her colleagues help source medical supplies and pharmaceuticals for all State of Ohio agencies, some local governments as well as some non-profits. Her division ensures agencies stay within budget and get the most bang for their bucks.

Her favorite part about her job is how tight knit her chapter is. “There’s about 60 OCSEA members and probably a little more than 80 total employees in the building,” she said. “And we have 100 percent union membership,” she beamed! 

Aubrey says her union job not only helped her and her husband raise three children, but it also affords them the opportunities to thrive within their jobs.


Aubrey Fetherolf, far right, poses with her tight-knit union leaders of Alberta Chapter 2575: Darius Johnson (E-board), Chase Thompson (E-board), Bryan Collins (VP) and Becky Combs (secretary/treasurer).
Darius Johnson is helping to kick off a mobilizing committee for the chapter. He’s also in charge of their Bargaining Pledge Card drive.

Aubrey Fetherolf and husband Ryan.