ODOT union members nail it with innovation, skill

Posted Nov. 20, 2023 by

There’s no better display of good, efficient and innovative government than the summer showcase called Team Up ODOT. There, the creativity and skill of OCSEA ODOT members is on full display.

From drones for mapping and air support, to mechanisms that keep employees safe on the road, OCSEA ODOT members are clearly thinking outside of the box. They stay on top of technological advances like the rest of us go to the store: it’s a habit and they do it just about every day.

This year Davey Christman, a Highway Technician 2 from District 10 in Southern Ohio, showed off the innovative HIVE, which stands for Hydraulic Inspection Vehicle Explorer. The tiny vehicle allows HTs like Davey inspect areas, like culverts, more easily and efficiently. He explained the vehicle can get into places humans simply can’t: “The HIVE has helped us identify obstructions….if you can see it with the plain eye that’s fine, but sometimes that’s not possible,” he explained.

OCSEA members were also on hand at TeamUp showing off their incredible skill in heavy equipment operating in the RODEO competition. Top winners were Dana Missler, ODOT District 2 (Truck) and Joel White, ODOT District 5 (Loader).

To read the full magazine article on some incredible ODOT employees, go to pages 8-9: