Auditor members secure new education benefit!

Posted Jul. 2, 2019 by

With the recent ratification of their 4-year union contract, OCSEA members at Ohio Auditor of State secured a $6,250 education benefit through the Union Education Trust (UET). As per the union-negotiated agreement, the employer has agreed to contribute to the UET fund for the purposes of developing and supporting employee training initiatives. The UET education funds became eligible to Ohio Auditor of State union members on July 1, 2019.

The union win comes thanks to efforts by Auditor union bargaining team members who pushed hard for the education benefit as well as wage and leave increases and more.
The Auditor of State becomes the third and final group of members under OCSEA's "alternative" state contracts to win the education benefit. These funds help members go back to college and take job training and computer classes. Bargaining teams at the Ohio Attorney General and Treasurers Office have also secured educational funds in their contracts.

Through union-secured contractual agreements, the UET provides a comprehensive program of training initiatives that help eligible state bargaining unit employees advance their careers, improve their quality of work life and work towards achieving employment security.

The UET gives OCSEA bargaining unit members with the State of Ohio (including  Auditor, Attorney General and Treasurers office members) a total educational benefit of $6,250 per fiscal year from the first day of employment! This includes:

  • CIP (Career Improvement Program): $4,000
  • CAT (Computer Application Training): $750
  • PE (Professional Enhancement Program): $1,500

Trust programs provide financial assistance to defray the cost of employees participating in education and training programs.The Trust also provides free access to online career exploration tools, and training and education for labor/management committees.

Learn more about the UET programs, including the $4,000, increased by $500 this spring, for career improvement, at