Start of fiscal year sees state contract changes

Posted Jul. 2, 2019 by

With the start of the new state fiscal year, state employees will see a 2.75 percent general wage increase in their paychecks and some minor changes in drug copays for brand name and non-formulary drugs. Additionally, a telehealth agreement will take effect that will reduce office copays by half. An agreement in the Dept. of Mental Health also kicks in that will move intermittent employees to a status with more benefits.

All contract changes will take effect on time, despite lawmakers not making a budget deal by the July 1 deadline. A 17-day state budget extension has been passed to allow lawmakers time to go back to the table to hammer out a compromise.

While generic drug prices will stay the same for 30-day and 90-day mail order drugs, members will see minor increases in brand name and non-formulary drugs.

For 30-day supply:

  • Generic prices stay the same at $10
  • Brand name increase to $35 (up 5 dollars)
  • Non-formulary brand increase to $60 (up 5 dollars)
  • $60 plus the difference in cost if a generic is available.

For 90-day mail order:

  • Generic prices stay at $25
  • Brand name increases to $75 (up $12.50)
  • Non-formulary brand-$150 (up $12.50)
  • $150 plus difference in cost if a generic is available.