Bargaining news: Get involved, stay updated

Posted Jan. 10, 2024 by

Bargaining continues this week, Solidarity Wednesdays underway to build solidarity

State contract bargaining continues again this week. The OCSEA Bargaining Team meets with State management through Thursday. All updates will be posted at

Looking for ways to support the Bargaining Team as negotiations continue? One important way to support the Bargaining Team is by completing a Solidarity Pledge Card. The raffle for OCSEA's Solidarity Pledge Card Drive runs through THIS Friday, January 12! The last raffle drawing will take place next week. After that, even though raffles will not be drawn, pledge cards are still being collected to line the union hall. So please continue to mail those in!

Every chapter was given enough pledge cards for every member of their chapter to sign one. If you've not signed one yet, contact your chapter leaders before Friday. Call 888-OCSEA-11 if you need help reaching your chapter.

Another way to support the Bargaining Team is by participating in Solidarity Wednesdays, a simple but effective way to show management that we're united in solidarity and unified to fight against management's proposed takeaways! Every Wednesday through bargaining, members should wear an OCSEA shirt or green attire, whether at the office or at home. Chapters should also hold events on site. Spread the word with this Solidarity Wednesdays flyer.

The Bargaining To Do List is also a great way to support the Team. Sign up for bargaining emails, text alerts and much more. Visit and click the "Bargaining To Do List" button to get started. There you will also find the OCSEA Bargaining Toolkit, an important resource to help promote and support the Team.

Sign up for mobile alerts: Text OCSEA2024 to 237-263