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This is your official page for OCSEA Bargaining 2024. Visit this page often for updates on the state contract bargaining process, including news, events and resources, including the OCSEA Bargaining 2024 Toolkit below.





Important Bargaining Updates

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Bargaining News

What's Fact Finding?

Fact Finding is a LAST RESORT in bargaining because there is no more negotiations and no more give and take. In Fact Finding, the union and management give evidence and testimony and present witnesses in a hearing before a third-party arbitrator. It's up to the Fact Finder to make the final decision. The Fact Finder may side with management or they may side with the union, or they may split the baby. The point is, there is no more negotiations once the sides are at impasse. And the Fact Finder’s decision is final.

What's Mediation?

Most of you have heard by now that the OCSEA and Management State Bargaining Teams are headed to “mediation” when they come back to the bargaining table on February 12. Currently, mediation is scheduled for seven days and is always the next step in the bargaining process.

Mediation involves bringing in a neutral “mediator”––a respected expert in labor relations––who tries to help settle disputes by resolving misunderstandings, setting goals, helping reach agreements and compromises, and lending independent perspective to the two sides. In this round of bargaining, the sides agreed to select Jack Buettner, an experienced arbitrator and someone knowledgeable about the current State contract.

Sometimes, a mediator can only go so far, either because the sides refuse to bargain and compromise any further, or because time runs out. That’s when a fact finder would come into play.

The general rules that guide public employee negotiations are established by Ohio law. The law allows the union and management to submit disputed issues to a fact finder after negotiations and mediation have failed and an “impasse” is formally declared.

Bargaining Pledge Cards line Union Hall walls

Your OCSEA Bargaining Team is excited to show off some of the thousands of Bargaining Pledge Cards that line the walls of your OCSEA Union Hall. The Pledge Card raffle entry ran through January 12 to build support for a fair contract!


Bargaining sessions start up again week of January 8

State contract bargaining kicked off again the week of January 8 with the team heading to the table with management to discuss proposals and to fight off unreasonable takeaways that management has proposed.

“Management’s proposals fly in the face of what they said was most important, which was to recruit and retain employees,” said OCSEA President and Chief Negotiator Chris Mabe. “Not only that, management is trying to chip away at the very foundation of our contract, the items that have built this union and state employment. These are the things that have protected us and kept us safe,” said Mabe in an update to members on Dec. 14.

As we head into the New Year, the support of every single state member is critical to let management know that takeaways in this current climate will not be accepted. OCSEA's Pledge Card Drive is one way to show solidarity at the table.

Solidarity Wednesdays - Every Wednesday through bargaining

Another way to show support for the Bargaining Team is for chapters and members to participate in Solidarity Wednesdays. Yes, it seems simple, but showing management that you support your Bargaining Team 100% is dire to fight back against management's proposed takeaways!  Here's how Solidarity Wednesdays work. Every Wednesday throughout bargaining, wear an OCSEA shirt or green attire, whether at the office or at home. And encourage other union co-workers to do the same to show we stand together for a fair contract! Read more.

Pledge your support for your Bargaining Team: Learn how!

OCSEA's Bargaining Pledge Card Solidarity Drive is underway through January 12. This Pledge Card drive is the first of many ways your OCSEA Bargaining Team, working with the local chapters, will be reaching out to members to build support. Every chapter will have enough pledge cards for every member of their chapter to sign one and will be reaching out to you asking for your tried and true support of the OCSEA Bargaining Team! 

The OCSEA Bargaining Team's is currently covering the walls of OCSEA’s Headquarters with the signed pledge card section so when we negotiate in our Union Hall, management will see that our Bargaining Team has the support of the entire OCSEA membership behind them. It’s symbolic, yes. But it’s much more than that. No one can stand on the sidelines. We need everyone involved in this fight. Read more. 

🏆 Pledge Card Weekly Raffle

Besides building our solidarity, the Pledge Card Drive will give you a chance to win prizes each week. OCSEA members who sign a pledge card will be entered into a weekly drawing for gift cards, laptops, and other electronic devices. There will be drawings for eight weeks. Two gift cards and an electronic prize will awarded to members each week. Read more.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact chapter president or contact the Member Resource Center at 888-OCSEA11(627-3211) or MRC@ocsea.org.

OCSEA Bargaining Team 2024 elected


Nearly 350 OCSEA OCSEA activists attending the OCSEA Bargaining Council elected the 2024 OCSEA Bargaining Team. The Team includes 24 OCSEA leaders representing every OCSEA bargaining unit as well at OCSEA's three executive officers. See the Team list below. Read the full story HERE.

2024 Bargaining Team

  • Bargaining Unit 3: Wilson Humphrey, Bill Homer, Doug Korba, Raymond Harker, Brian Miller & Bill Rager 
  • Bargaining Unit 4: Marcus Harris & Deborah Weaver
  • Bargaining Unit 5: Jeff Condo
  • Bargaining Unit 6: Michael Sheeter
  • Bargaining Unit 7: Scott Buckridge, Lisa Schroeder & Toni Tuck-Newsome
  • Bargaining Unit 9: Shirley Hubbert, Willis McClure & Damon Neal
  • Bargaining Unit 13: Treva Knasel 
  • Bargaining Unit 14: Cathy Deck, Roschelle Holcomb, Leslie Tilton & Melissa Yank

Bargaining Toolkit

We encourage you to use OCSEA's Bargaining 2024 Toolkit as a guide as we build support through the process. This branding toolkit will provide members and local chapters with materials to promote the “Fighting To Win” campaign. Click below to access Bargaining 2024 logos, informational flyers, social media sharing graphics and more. Check back often to OCSEA.org/Toolkit for updates!


Keep Connected

Contact information

Member transparency is a TOP priority to the 2024 Bargaining Team, so making sure we have the correct contact information on file will ensure you get all the bargaining information you need. As we head into bargaining, there are a few things you can do to make sure you stay connected during the bargaining process. The first is making sure your contact information is up to date with the union so you get all the bargaining updates throughout the process. This includes double checking your personal email, home and work address and cell phone number.

PERSONAL EMAIL IS KEY! Bargaining news is for members' eyes only!! Make sure you have a good personal email on file with the union. Update your contact information in your member-only MyOCSEA profile by logging on at OCSEA.org/sign-in or send it to OCSEA's webmaster HERE. You can also contact the OCSEA Member Resource Center (MRC) at 1-888-OCSEA11 (1-888-627-3211) or MRC@ocsea.org to check your contact information.

Text alerts

Sign up for OCSEA State Bargaining 2024 text alerts now! text OCSEA2024 (no spaces!) to 237-263 on your cell phone. Follow the prompts to get signed up. We will text you when there are important bargaining updates, including actions around bargaining, supporting the team, including solidarity days, any tentative agreement and more.

Bargaining To-Do list: Solidarity in action!

The support and involvement of EVERY member is key to building a strong contract. Here's what you can do RIGHT NOW to support your Bargaining Team:

  1. Hold a solidarity mini rally, member appreciation event, or lunch-and-learn for your chapter. To get started on planning an event, contact the OCSEA Communications Dept. at communications@ocsea.org.
  2. Participate in Solidarity Wednesdays, every Wednesday through bargaining. Wear an OCSEA shirt or attire or OCSEA green to show support.
  3. Opt in to State bargaining mobile alerts. Text OCSEA2024 (no spaces) to 237-263.
  4. Sign up for bargaining email updatesSign up HERE. 
  5. Get bargaining updates at OCSEA.org/bargaining
  6. SHARE your support. Update your Facebook and Instagram profile pics to show support for the OCSEA Bargaining Team throughout bargaining. Like and post shareable graphics, stories and reels! Facebook Profile Pic | Facebook Support Post | Facebook Cover Photo | Instagram Profile Pic 
  7. Share your photo. We need images of members in uniform or wearing OCSEA shirts. Contact communications@ocsea.org. These will be used in bargaining media campaigns, specifically billboards and social media ads. 
  8. Download the OCSEA Bargaining 2024 Social Media Toolkit HERE. All is included in a ZIP file that you can save to your computer or phone. It includes flyers, logos, shareable graphics and more. 
  9. Update your contact information in your MyOCSEA profile at OCSEA.org/sign-in Want to update over the phone? Call the Member Resource Center (MRC) at 888-OCSEA11 (627-3211).

Show support on social media

Around the country, there's been a lot of union contract buzz, from the UAW and writer and actor victories, with collective labor actions on the rise and gaining massive support. And the one element that connects them all? A strong, supportive union membership!!! And that's why the OCSEA Bargaining Team needs ALL YOUR support as they Fight to Win the strong contract you deserve.

That's why we're asking OCSEA State members to show their support for the OCSEA Bargaining Team on their social media pages. This includes updating your Facebook and Instagram profile pics and cover photos with OCSEA-approved graphics. WE URGE YOU TO KEEP THESE SUPPORT GRAPHICS UP THROUGHOUT BARGAINING!!!! We also encourage you to SHARE bargaining support posts on your social media personal pages and in your stories.

START SHARING! Download the OCSEA Bargaining 2024 Social Media Toolkit HERE. This will give you access to a Folder with bargaining support profile pic, cover photo, wall posts and story graphics that you can use on Facebook and Instagram. It will all be included in a ZIP file that you can save to your computer or phone.

Or visit OCSEA's social media pages to add the art to your pages and to share with co-workers, family and friends! Make sure you follow OCSEA on Facebook and Instagram to get bargaining updates and shareable graphics, stories and reels!

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Congratulations to our Pledge Card raffle winners

OCSEA's Bargaining Pledge Card Solidarity Drive kicked off Nov. 20. Below you will see the list of pledge card raffle winners by week, starting Nov. 28. All winners signed a pledge card showing their support for the OCSEA Bargaining Team. Any member who signs a pledge card over the next seven weeks will be entered into a raffle. There are still plenty of chances to win. There will be one raffle a week for the next seven weeks, so make sure you sign a card with your chapter leader. The sooner the cards get in, the better chance you have of winning a prize.

Week 1 Winners:

  • Susan Zimmerman - Ohio Veterans Home Chapter 2200 - Prize: 15.6 HP Laptop
  • Karen Biglin - Mansfield Chapter 7010 - Prize: $100 gift card
  • David Hagen - Ashland Chapter 300 - Prize: $50 gift card
  • Mansfield Chapter 7010 - Prize: $500 Chapter Rebate

Week 2 Winners

  • Margaret Springer - Ohio Veterans Home Chapter 2200 - Prize: Meta Quest 2 VR headset
  • Charles Humphreys - Jackson County Chapter 4020 - Prize: $100 gift card 
  • Carrie Taylor - BMV Chapter 2503 - Prize: $50 gift card 
  • Twinsburg Chapter 7760 - Prize: $500 Chapter Rebate

Week 3 Winners

  • Shyana Deutschle - Massillon Chapter 7650 - Prize: Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones 
  • Leslie Ingles - Ohio Veterans Home Chapter 2200 - Prize: $100 gift card Robert Miller - Mansfield Chapter 7010 - Prize: $50 gift card 
  • Columbus OOD Chapter 2538 - Prize: $500 Chapter Rebate 

Week 4 Winners

  • Brittni Bahr - Wood Chapter 8700 - Prize: Apple - 10.2-Inch iPad 
  • Lee Workman - ODNR Chapter 2515 - Prize: $100 gift card 
  • Julie Paden - Guernsey Chapter 3000 - Prize: $50 gift card 
  • Chapter 1860 Warrensville Developmental Center - Prize: $500 Chapter Rebate 

Week 5 Winners

  • Douglas Hansen - Northcoast Chapter 7715 Northcoast - Prize: Nintendo Switch - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Bundle
  • Renee M Allen-Manneh -  BMV Chapter 2503 - Prize: $100 gift card 
  • Paul Parrish - Twinsburg Chapter 7760 - Prize: $50 gift card 
  • NEPRC Chapter 1835 - Prize: $500 Chapter Rebate 

Week 6 Winners

  • Derrick Wells - Lebanon Correctional Chapter 8310  - Prize: Microsoft Xbox 
  • Donn F Dunn - Noble Correctional Chapter 6100 - Prize: $100 gift card 
  • Kizzey Copeland - Warrensville Chapter 1860 - Prize: $50 gift card 
  • State Office Tower Chapter 2545 - Prize: $500 Chapter Rebate 

Week 7 Winners

  • Jennifer Doerger - Southwest DODD Chapter 1320  - Prize: Samsung Soundbar
  • Natasha Lewis - Marysville Reformatory Chapter 8010 - Prize: $100 gift card 
  • Lee Alzarreca - Central Ohio Chapter 2513 - Prize: $50 gift card 
  • Department of Education Chapter 2565 - Prize: $500 Chapter Rebate 

Week 8 Winners

  • Kimberley Samson - Alberta Street Chapter 2575 - Prize: Sony PlayStation 5
  • Tyler Holcomb - Jackson County (State) Chapter 4020 - Prize: $100 gift card 
  • Nicole Tattersall - Anthony Wayne Chapter 4810 - Prize: $50 gift card 
  • ODNR Chapter 2515 - Prize: $500 Chapter Rebate