Intermittents sign up in record numbers!

Posted Aug. 15, 2018 by

Since the Janus case, former fairshare members have been signing up to become OCSEA members like never before. Some members never understood they weren’t full-fledged union members, others know that an attack on our union means it’s especially important we stick together.

Intermittent employees in ODNR’s Division of Parks and Recreation is one such group that is now committing to becoming full, active members. Employees like Casey Huston and Kenny Guy from Hocking Hills State Park or Laurel Ashley from Maumee Bay State Park, Utah Parker at Indian Lake State Park, and Julia Orahoski, Gaby Keller and Megan Stephens (pictured above) from East Harbor State Park have figured out what’s at stake and know there’s too much to lose by not signing a union card.

While intermittent employees don’t have all the rights permanent employees do--such as leave accruals and step increases--they do receive many benefits of being union employees such as the union negotiated wage increase at Step 1, FREE COLLEGE, seniority credits, voting on the contract, electing union leaders and receiving all the members-only discounts for amusement parks, banking fees, mortgage rates, scholarships, etc. at

Intermittents were brought into the OCSEA bargaining unit in the 2009-20012 contract as a way for the union to track the abuse of this appointment type and to begin to get some benefits for these temporary employees. This last round of bargaining the union was able to ensure that intermittents in Pay Ranges 8-12 and 28 and above (excluding Correction Officers and Sergeants) will now be a part of the agency statewide pool for promotions.

Leaders who have intermittent employees in their workplaces can go HERE for a list of those benefits afforded this class of employees.