Labor, workers win the night in Missouri

Posted Aug. 8, 2018 by

Today, we are standing in solidarity with our union brothers and sisters in Missouri who hit the streets with fervor to soundly defeat right to work. Workers and their unions were the big winners of election night in Missouri yesterday with an overwhelming defeat of a right-to-work proposition put before voters. The anti-union Proposition A was defeated by a wide margin of 68 to 32 percent.

“We are hopeful that the outcome of today’s election will put an end to attacks on Missouri’s working families and give our state a fresh start at working together to help and support all Missourians,” noted a statement from the We Are Missouri coalition, comprising labor unions and affiliated organizations. “In every corner of the state, voters rebuked the efforts of powerful, out-of-state corporate interests and dark money to control the future of Missouri’s economy.”

Just like with Senate Bill 5 in Ohio 7 years go, when these corporate-funded, anti-union initiatives are put before voters, they fails every time––proof that the nation largely supports unions and knows that Right to Work is wrong for America! Read more.