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Union News / SEPTEMBER 14 , 2022

ORW picketerS call for change now!!!

About 50 activists gathered outside of the Ohio Reformatory for Women wearing black t-shirts with green writing and carrying signs that said “I miss my kids” and “I miss my family” and “We Miss Our Mommies and Daddies.” The crowd was picketing working conditions inside the women’s prison where Correction Officers and others are working 16 hours a day, four and five days a week. And to add insult to injury, management has refused the union’s request to re-start the bid process that would allow employees at least more flexibility in their schedules.

Tom Holden, president of ORW Chapter 8010, said his members have had enough. He told Spectrum News 1, one of the many media outlets covering the event: “I have staff all the time calling me. They’re in tears. They’re sleeping in their cars,” he said.

While the union has pressed management to do everything they can to recruit new employees—including bringing forward a classification upgrade—at ORW, management refuses to take the steps they can take right now to alleviate the overtime pain for staff, like opening up the bid process.

“We know that prison staffing shortages are a statewide and nationwide problem and that it might take time for that to work itself out. But we also know that management can do things right now to help our schedules. They’re just refusing to do so at ORW,” said OCSEA Chris Mabe. “We have staffing issues around the state, but other prisons don’t have this problem. That doesn't mean employees can't have a work/life balance even with staff shortages,” he said.

Moving forward, Chapter Pres. Holden hopes management will agree to come back to the table to discuss what can be done about the bid process and getting managers to pitch in to relieve staff.

The event was picked up by numerous media outlets. Read some of the coverage below:

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Ohio Reformatory for Women employees picket to address working conditions -Spectrum1 News

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Workers picket in front of ORW - Marysville Journal-Tribune

Staff at Marysville women’s prison to picket working conditions - WDTN

Read the Union's Press Advisory HERE. | See more photos from the event HERE.

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You are invited to come together to honor our veterans and celebrate Veterans Day. OCSEA's Veterans Conference will be held on Saturday, November 12. The union's annual conference will honor all who have served and celebrate OCSEA's member veterans, past and present. All members are welcome to attend the celebration!

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State of Working Ohio report: we must turn to unions to rebuild

Two years after the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped work in our state, The State of Working Ohio: A Better Bargain report says "Ohioans are rebuilding and establishing new norms." The report released by Policy Matters Ohio on Labor Day says workers deserve a better bargain and that unions are a key factor to establishing new norms and giving working people the resources they need to move forward and rebuild in a post-pandemic world.

"The challenges of the past two years have made it unclear what normalization will look like or when it will come," says the report. But what must happens, the report recommends, is that we cannot return to pre-pandemic status quo: "a jobs landscape where corporations had wrested power from working people largely by crushing their unions and hoarding the wealth they create."

The report indicates what we all know, that "many Ohioans are paid lower wages and have lower living standards than their parents or grandparents had," ultimately stoking anger and resentment that has pitted workers against one another. The report makes recommendations on how those in power can actually use their power to make Ohio a place where everyone can thrive and Ohioans can reclaim stability.

"Winning that must start with workers reclaiming their power," says the report, which is why the report's number one recommendation is Help workers form and join unions. "To claim their share of the wealth they make possible, workers must be able join in unions. Employers use many strategies to undermine workers’ efforts to organize. Federal lawmakers should pass the PRO Act to protect and encourage those efforts. Ohio and local governments can use federal funds to bar contractors and tax-abated businesses from interfering with union activity," says the report.

The report also recommends that politicians use targeted policy tools to curb inflation, raise the minimum wage, invest in higher education, use unused federal stimulus to build a recovery for all Ohioans and more. READ THE STATE OF WORKING OHIO REPORT.

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The September 2022 UBBN fliers are now available for download at

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