Pres. Mabe: Janus is attack on workers’ right to organize

Posted Jul. 1, 2018 by

In an opinion piece in this past weekend's Columbus Dispatch, OCSEA President Chris Mabe explained to Ohioans what the recent Janus decision really means and the impact attacks like that have on union public employees and public services.

"Make no mistake: This wasn’t a grassroots movement of disgruntled workers. This was a well-funded attack by groups like the National Right to Work Foundation, the Freedom Foundation and their wealthy corporate supporters and lobbyists who have spent millions to try to take away our freedoms to join in unions," wrote Mabe.

But the union's leader urged workers not to be dismayed and to intensify the fight for their rights. "No group of extremists will change our members’ resolve to stick together and lift up our collective voices." Read the opinion piece

OCSEA issues statement on Janus decision