Members ask: Where do my union dues go?

Posted Jul. 3, 2018 by

One of the top questions OCSEA Headquarters gets is, "where do my union dues go?" And, really, it's a simple answer. Annually, the union breaks down in the union magazine what membership dues pay for. Pie charts detailing the breakdown can always be found in the first edition of the union's magazine, the Public Employee Quarterly, each year, and always accompanies the union membership card and explanation of member-only benefits. Because of contract negotiations, the first edition was delayed this year, but arrived at members' home in May.

For your convenience, the union dues breakdown can also be found online in the New Member section of the OCSEA website. Look for it on page 4 of the new member packet! Or download it here.

Look for more detailed information on what your union dues pay for coming soon (and you may be surprised, but those dues DO NOT pay for any political activity or candidates.)