Remembering SB 5 March, five years later

Posted Jun. 28, 2016 by

June 29 marks five years since thousands of union activists and supporters hit the streets of Columbus to deliver over a million signatures to the Ohio Secretary of State.

The signatures opposed Senate Bill 5, the law that sought to destroy Ohio public employee collective bargaining, and called for a ballot initiative to repeal it. Some called it the Million Signature March, others called it the People Parade. Either way, activists from across Ohio lined city streets. They applauded a We Are Ohio press conference denouncing the law and stood up against SB 5 and for the No on Issue 1 ballot initiative that would eventually repeal the dangerous legislation the following November.

“We will never forget this history of our union fight. Every time we go to the polls, those of us at that march recall that day and that fight and remember who is for us, and who’s against us,” said OCSEA Pres. Chris Mabe.

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