Merrin introduces bill to up payment for dental, vision

Posted Mar. 30, 2017 by

State Rep. Derek Merrin (R), has now introduced Ohio House Bill 169 that would require a premium payment for dental, vision and life insurance for exempt state employees. The bill also requires the state to negotiate the same increase for those that fall under state collective bargaining agreements, including OCSEA bargaining unit members. 

According to the bill language, exempts would be required to pay the same premium for dental and vision that they do for health care. Currently, all state employees pay 15 percent of their health insurance premium but no premium for dental, vision and life. A 15 percent premium tacked on for these services would mean OCSEA bargaining unit members pay at least an extra $150 per year.

OCSEA has successfully fought off attempts in the past to add a premium for dental, vision and life, but Merrin’s bill could put that in jeopardy. Co-sponsors on Merrin’s bill include Faber, Scherer, Keller, Becker, Brinkman, Riedel, Dean, Zeltwanger, Vitale, Goodman, Henne, Roegner, Butler, Hood, Brenner. Merrin just took office in January. The bill has not had a first hearing. Check back for hearing dates.

Download the bill HERE.

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