Report Freedom Foundation to the Ohio Attorney General

Posted Jul. 2, 2020 by

Are you fed up with Freedom Foundation and Opt Out Today's anti-union harassment? As a public employee union member, you've been targeted for their scam. Freedom Foundation, through their anti-union cronies here in Ohio, Opt Out Today, continue to harass you at work, at home and over email. And NOW they are contacting you through unsolicited text messages to your personal cell phone that they paid for off the internet!

Freedom Foundation is harassing OCSEA members without their consent asking them to leave their union, and our members who continually ask to be unsubscribed are growing increasingly frustrated. And, rightfully so! The union firmly believes that if a member has chosen to unsubscribe from these communications, then those requests should be granted. Unfortunately, Freedom Foundation and Opt Out Today are blatantly ignoring those requests.


Freedom Foundation and Opt Out Today continue to use dirty tactics to harass union members, at their homes, at work and over personal cell phones. And, we've even learned that they've begun to infiltrate the workplace using other union members to do their dirty work for them. If you are emailed by a co-worker pushing Freedom Foundation's anti-union harassments, we encourage you to report them to a union steward immediately, particularly if they are using a state email or common areas for non-business purposes.

STOP the harassment!

Report Freedom Foundation

Survey on harassment

Distribute this survey flier with QR code electronically to OCSEA members on your personal contact lists.