Take action against costly, overreaching state dental bill

Posted Sep. 21, 2021 by

dental bill would increase costs for insured working families

In June 2021 we told you about yet another proposed dental bill introduced by the Ohio legislature that would impact already-strapped working families. Not only would House Bill 344 increase dental costs for OCSEA members and their families covered under the Union Benefits Trust, it would increase costs for EVERY Ohioan who has dental insurance. Now it's coming up for a hearing tomorrow, Wed., Sept. 22, at the Ohio Statehouse.

Instead of simply letting this bill die through inaction as it should, the leaders of the Ohio House Insurance Committee have taken up consideration of this overreaching and costly legislation.

If passed, Ohio HB 344 would give dentists the freedom to charge Ohioans, including OCSEA members, whatever they want for non-covered dental services. OCSEA and your dental benefits administrator, the UBT, adamantly oppose the proposed legislation as it prevents dental insurance providers, like Delta Dental, from negotiating lower fees for non-covered services for their members. The UBT has testified against similar bills in the past and will present opposing testimony at a future hearing.

Your action is needed as hearings on this unnecessary bill continue! Write the Insurance Committee NOW! OCSEA members, as well as any Ohioan they know with dental insurance, are urged to write members of the Ohio House Insurance Committee and tell them to stop this costly regulation in its tracks. We've been here before! Similar dental bills have included allowances for dentists to have absolutely no fixed cap for non-covered dental services but thanks to your activism, they've failed every time. Let's do it again, and this time once and for all!

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