Take action. Ohio Corrections fentanyl bill

Posted Feb. 25, 2020 by

The Ohio Senate Insurance and Financial Institutions Committee will be hearing House Bill 81 on Wed., Feb. 26 that will expand Workers’ Compensation coverage to Corrections and Youth Services employees who are harmed by exposure to blood, body fluids or chemicals, like fentanyl.

Currently, the law only provides that law enforcement, first responders and emergency room personnel be automatically covered by Workers’ Compensation when exposed to harmful body fluids and blood. HB 81 says all employees at any public or private “detention facility," including state prisons and Department of Youth Services facilities will now be covered when exposed.

That means Correction Officers, Youth Specialists and others in DR&C and DYS exposed to harmful substances such as fentanyl as well as blood and body fluid containing infectious diseases will be covered by Workers’ Compensation for post-exposure testing and treatment.

Click here to send an email and tell members of the Ohio Senate Insurance and Financial Institutions Committee to support House Bill 81.

Over just the past two years, there have been numerous incidents in Ohio’s prisons where OCSEA members were exposed to fentanyl and needed treatment. And while the union worked with those employees and DR&C to ensure their post-exposure testing and treatment were covered by the employer, this bill will ensure that prison and youth facility employees are covered under Workers’ Compensation.

Please send an email asking the Senators to support HB 81, which includes Corrections and DYS employees under this coverage option. Please be sure to include any stories if you have been personally affected by an exposure at your facility.