Participate in Bargaining Solidarity Wednesdays

Posted Jan. 22, 2024 by

Solidarity Wednesdays: Support the Bargaining Team every Wednesday through Bargaining

A good way to show support for the OCSEA Bargaining Team is for chapters and members to participate in Solidarity Wednesdays. Yes, it seems simple, but showing management that you support your Bargaining Team 100% is dire to fight back against management's proposed takeaways!

Here's how Solidarity Wednesdays work. Every Wednesday throughout bargaining, wear an OCSEA shirt or green attire, whether at the office or at home. And encourage other union co-workers to do the same to show we stand together for a fair contract! Share this flyer to spread the word.

Other Wednesday Solidarity Ideas include:

  • Holding chapter solidarity events during the lunch hour and before or after work/shifts; 
  • Dedicating chapter meetings to building support around bargaining and union power at work; 
  • Decorating cubicles, work spaces & union offices to show support (yes, it’s ok to hang bargaining signs in these areas!); 
  • Taking photos of solidarity events and sharing on social media #FightingToWin or emailing photos to
  • Downloading items from the Bargaining Toolkit to help build support; 
  • Being creative as a chapter to come up with unique ways to show support for the Team!