Welcome to OCSEA Bargaining 2024!

We’re excited to start mobilizing around OCSEA State Contract bargaining. The key to strong mobilization is making sure our message is tight and cohesive, and that we’re unified as union members to support our Bargaining Team every step of the way. And that means making sure every OCSEA State union member takes an active role in this year’s negotiations. ONLY with a massive showing of member solidarity and just plain union strength will management feel the REAL pressure to agree to the Teams’ demands.

The OCSEA Bargaining 2024 theme is a simple message we can all get behind: “Fighting to Win.” It’s all about fighting for dignity, respect, fairness, appreciation, and a strong contract! It is through our impenetrable solidarity that we can fight for and win the contract we deserve!

We encourage you to use this OCSEA Bargaining 2024 Toolkit as a guide as we build support through the process. This branding toolkit will provide members and local chapters with materials to promote the “Fighting To Win” campaign. It will include logos, informational flyers, social media sharing graphics and more. Please visit OCSEA.org/Bargaining often for toolkit updates!

Have questions about the toolkit, messaging or custom promotional materials for chapters? Email us at communications@ocsea.org for assistance.

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