Tell Congress: Fund the Front lines!

Posted Mar. 24, 2020 by

The coronavirus outbreak is already causing huge economic disruption and is a grave threat to the stability of state and local government finances. Funding for public services has taken a huge hit in recent years. Staffing in public health and other agencies never rebounded after the Great Recession.

Now, our direct care workers, corrections officers, highway technicians, unemployment specialists, inspectors and others are dealing with overwhelming demand as they try to protect Ohioans and keep the state afloat.

It’s time for our elected leaders to come through—to make sure our front line workers have everything they need to do their jobs. Congress is working on a stimulus bill right now. We have to make our voices heard, or it will end up as a bailout for businesses instead of a lifeline for working people.

Tell Congress: Do the right thing and fund the front lines! Take action now. This is an unprecedented moment that demands the boldest possible action.