OCSEA Bargaining Blitz. TAKE ACTION!
March 14-19

Help push the OCSEA Bargaining Team across the finish line. Join the OCSEA Bargaining Blitz, six days of chapter and member activism. This pressure campaign is our last chance to put pressure on the DeWine administration and the management bargaining team for a fair contract and wage package once and for all. This will include chapter rallies, events and more. See the Bargaining Blitz Toolkit below.

Next steps

As we move into this next phase of bargaining, we want to make sure that members understand what happens next in the bargaining process. Next steps also mean tapping into your activism to get the fair contract that members deserve. There are a lot of moving parts and pieces, but, together, we can affect an outcome by standing together, pressuring management and using our collective voices.

This next phase of negotiations is called Fact Finding. Both sides hold hearings and bring evidence before a Fact Finder. There's where we continue to make our case for a fair contract. That starts the week of March 18. But before then, we WILL have a chance to continue to mediate our differences. That means additional agreements could be reached. This would be the best outcome, that we are able to negotiate and that management will enter this process in good faith. This is where YOU come in. 

Taking action now

Before the Bargaining Team goes to Fact Finding, we’re asking for your help with a Bargaining Blitz!!! Events and actions should take place March 14-19. There’s not a lot of time, we know, but we're confident that chapters and members CAN make a difference!

There are several ways that chapters can participate. Show management that we’re not backing down with: 

  • Public rallies
  • Solidarity events, at lunch or before or after work
  • Texts and emails push
  • Social media blitz

If you need additional resources or assistance holding a rally, event or action, please contact the OCSEA Member Resource Center (MRC) at 1-888-OCSEA11 or MRC@ocsea.org.

Use the Bargaining Blitz Toolkit resources below to help guide your events, actions, and messaging.

Click boxes below to download Bargaining Blitz resources: