Outside group given access to your information

Posted Nov. 20, 2019 by

State releases your personal information

An anti-union, out-of-state group called the Freedom Foundation from Washington State has requested and received from the State of Ohio your work email and other work-related information about you, including name, job title, seniority date, hire date, annual rate of pay, bargaining unit number and date of birth. They also requested personal information like your home address.

Despite the union’s protests, the Dept. of Administrative Services released this information.

We know in other states this group has used work email addresses to harass state employee union members with anti-union messages and have shown up at people’s homes and workplaces to try to get them to drop their union membership.

This group is one of a network of anti-worker groups funded by the Koch Brothers that helped get the anti-union bill, Senate Bill 5, introduced in Ohio, which was then overturned by Ohio voters. They support Right to Work legislation and call themselves “anti-union” outright. They’re funded by pro-corporate groups and their wealthy donors that want to privatize public work, cut your wages and benefits and eliminate your pensions. And they’re here to do one thing, weaken your union. Learn more HERE.

Informational fliers:

The Freedom Foundation's Real Agenda

It's Senate Bill 5 All Over Again

If the Freedom Foundation contacts you at home or at work, take these steps to fight back:

  1. Stay informed. Visit to learn more and stay updated.
  2. If you receive an email, forward it to and let your local union leadership know.
  3. If approached by Freedom Foundation canvassers, either at work or at home, don’t sign anything and ask them to remove you from their lists.
  4. Reach out to other union members and let them know about the threat. Download the informational flyer HERE.

We will continue to update you about any and all of this group’s anti-union activity.