TAKE ACTION: Stop junk mail, email, calls

Posted Dec. 19, 2019 by


Protecting your personal information is a top priority for your union. That's why we are alarmed that state email addresses and other personal information were shared with the Freedom Foundation/Opt Out Today and that they are using this information for deceptive purposes without your permission. Their access to personal data has opened the flood gates to work and home harassment of our members and turned the state email system into a mini-town hall. That's not what it's intended for.

As a result, OCSEA sent directions in December to all state union members' work email addresses telling them how to write Freedom Foundation/Opt Out Today directly to unsubscribe from ALL communications! This information on how to unsubscribe was sent over state email so that members can use their agency emails to unsubscribe. Using personal email to contact them will only give the group more ammunition to contact you with unwanted and harassing campaign literature. For your privacy, we urge you to unsubscribe using your state email!

ArrowTell Freedom Foundation/ Opt Out Today to UNSUBSCRIBE you HERE. Please use your state email when filling out the form so that the group can identify you to unsubscribe.  

If you would rather unsubscribe through other means, you can do the following:

  • Email from a state email address, Subject: Unsubscribe me from Opt Out Today.
  • Call 1-833-228-4969 and choose option 1 to unsubscribe.
  • Return the mailer in another envelop with a letter asking that ALL contact via email, phone or mail at both work and residence cease immediately to: Freedom Foundation, P.O. Box 16309, Columbus, OH 43216 (do not "return to sender" as it won't get back to them)

Learn more about the group that is harassing you at work and at home.