Thousands say NO to harassing emails, mail

Posted Jan. 15, 2020 by

In a sizzling rebuke of the Freedom Foundation and all they stand for, thousands of OCSEA members have unsubscribed from their harassing emails and mailers through a postcard and digital drive to stop their unwanted communications. OCSEA has collected thousands of postcards and nearly a thousand have gone online to “unsubscribe.” Go HERE if you haven’t unsubscribed already.

“It’s clear our members aren’t buying what they’re selling,” said OCSEA Vice President Rocky Jolly about the drive to unsubscribe. “Not only are their tactics sleazy, their real goal is to end public sector unions and destroy our power,” he said. “They’re not trying to empower workers. Well, good luck with that.”

In a recent Freedom Foundation newsletter they bragged they were “cutting (government) unions down to size” so they could advance their own interests to cut corporate taxes and privatize services. In a letter begging for donations, they bragged that no group is doing more to get rid of public employee unions and curb the influence of public employees on everything from pensions to health care to privatization to better wages.

They’re right about one thing! Public employee union members DO have power and influence. When we get together, we do make a difference when it comes to fighting for our rights and benefits. That’s called solidarity. And with it, WE have the power, not the billionaire class or their front organizations.

It’s funny that groups like this don’t practice what they preach. While they steal your personal data for their own purposes, the same groups are doing everything they can to keep the public eye from shining on their funding sources and their members' personal information! What a twist.

The Buckeye Institute, who also requested the personal date of state employee union members, has recently unveiled a state employee salary database on their website. Ironically, the organization has now filed a complaint with the IRS to HIDE from public view information about their own members and donors! Talk about hypocrites. The only transparency they really care about is the transparency to get OUR personal information. But when it comes to revealing their donors or their sources of funding, it’s a “no can do,” approach. And Freedom Foundation has taken similar steps to try to shield their donor lists from public view.

But here’s what we DO know: both groups are part of the State Policy Network of anti-union organizations that want to do away with collective bargaining for public employees. They get money from billionaires like the Koch Family and other pro-corporate groups that want to stifle workers’ voices and worker power. They lie about where your dues money goes, and they lie about their real intentions, and they lie about their methods.

At least, finally, they’re being exposed for what they really are. But here’s one thing they've got right: We’ve got the power; we’ve got the numbers; and we’re not going anywhere!