State Board of Directors

Executive Board

OCSEA Statewide Officers include President Chris Mabe, Vice President Kelvin Jones, and Secretary-Treasurer Kathy Gersper. These three officers form OCSEA's Executive Committee and lead the day-to-day functions of the organization.


Long-time union activist Christopher Mabe ( is a Corrections Sergeant at the Lorain Correctional Institution. He has served as OCSEA President since 2011. With over 30 years working in Ohio's prison system, Mabe has been a long-time critic of private prisons.

He has also been an outspoken opponent of attacks on collective bargaining and led OCSEA in the successful fight to repeal Senate Bill 5.

He was re-elected to the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System (OPERS) Board in 2019, keeping labor’s seat at the pension table. He is an International Vice President of AFSCME International, an Ohio AFL-CIO Executive Board Member as well as the Chair of We Are Ohio. He also occupies the prestigious labor seat on the Ohio Department of Veterans' Services Committee. He served as OCSEA's Vice President from 2007-2011 and is a graduate of the Harvard University Trade Union Program.

Vice President

Kelvin Jones ( holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and geology. He is an Environmental Specialist 2 for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, where he has worked for more than 24 years.

He served as EPA Chap. 2528 president from 1993 until 2011 when he was elected by the membership to serve as OCSEA Vice President. Jones has served on the OCSEA Board of Directors for 16 years. Other union leadership positions include OCSEA District 6 treasurer for 13 years, EPA Assembly delegate, and OCSEA Judicial Internal Affairs Committee and AFSCME International Judicial Panel member. He has served on every OCSEA bargaining team since 1996. For a decade, he proudly held the union co-chair position for the State of Ohio Combined Charitable Campaign.

Jones is a veteran of the Persian Gulf War.



Kathy Gersper ( has served in the position of OCSEA Secretary-Treasurer for over a decade and was elected to her fourth four-year term in 2015.

She has served on past bargaining teams, sits on the Ohio AFL-CIO Executive Board and is Vice President (and former Secretary-Treasurer) of the Central Ohio Union Label. She also sits on the AFSCME National Women's Committee.

In Gersper's position as an Accountant/Examiner 3 with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (formerly State Architects Office), she has been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of construction funds for the State of Ohio. She has devoted herself to charitable work, annually collecting hundreds of teddy bears for children at Central Ohio domestic violence shelters.

Board of Directors

The overall guidance for OCSEA comes from its 28-member Board of Directors and three state officers. Board members are elected for three-year terms and any member in good standing can run.

Board members deliberate and vote on union policies, set its budget and oversee nearly every aspect of OCSEA's operations. Board members are also responsible for attending chapter meetings and keeping members informed of the union's statewide plans.

The Board meets every two months and is led by state officers who are elected to four-year terms at the union's convention. All board meetings, except the August meeting, are held at OCSEA Headquarters in Westerville, Ohio.

District 1

Shawn Gruber
Rehabilitation and Corrections

Jerry Lugo
Job and Family Services

Nachael Church
Mental Health

District 2

Jerry Brown
Rehabilitation and Corrections

Carrie Johnson
Mental Health

District 3

Brenda Mabe
Rehabilitation and Corrections

Michelle Smith
Job and Family Services

District 4


Eric Kusky
Rehabilitation and Corrections

District 5

Doug Korba
Rehabilitation and Correction

Peggy Joseph
Natural Resources

District 6

Tim Mcallister
Bureau of Workers' Compensation

Scott Dye
Rehabilitation and Corrections

Karen Ryther
Opp. for Ohioans with Disabilities

District 6 - Deena Gray
Deena Gray
Ohio Attorney General

Matt Tyack
Industrial Commission

Laura Morris

Gerard "Rocky" Jolly
School for the Blind

Cathy Deck
Public Safety

Natalie Qualls
Development Services Agency

Amy Turner

District 7

Jim LaRocca

Deborah Weaver
Developmental Disabilities

District 8

Tom Dearth
Rehabilitation and Corrections

Jason Underhill
Mental Health

District 9

Charlie Johnson

Charlie Williamson
Charlie Williamson
Rehabilitation and Corrections

Retiree Representative

Ron Alexander